Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions



2:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Sandro Gaycken

Digital Society Institute presents: best practices to avoid being hacked

Hacking has become a day-to-day threat for companies and individuals. An enormous “cyber” industry has been created around this threat, generating products and trainings, among other offerings. Yet, mustering the right defenses remains a challenge. Identifying the right products and devising the right policies depend on many aspects. Getting this wrong can even decrease security levels. The session provides some insights into finding the right kind of security.

Olaf Plötner

Solid growth – strategies of industrial champions in global markets

In this breakout session, we will combine insights from both research and practice to address the following issues: How do we deal with low-price providers from both emerging and developing economies? How can digital technologies help to broaden our business portfolios? How can hidden champions remain market leaders in the face of rapid market change? Answers to these questions will be interactively discussed.

Jens Weinmann

The rise of intelligent machines – innovation, empowerment, control

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are profoundly changing our professional and private lives. They analyze exploding amounts of data for us, transform our houses into Smart Homes, steer us to the next restaurant, and help us detecting illnesses and driving cars. Will they take control over us one day? This breakout session describes and analyzes the three predominant narratives surrounding AI, demystifies common assumptions, and highlights the tradeoffs we face when we allow intelligent machines to become part of our lives.

Özlem Bedre-Defolie

Matchmakers in the digital economy

The internet and digitalization have modified business models in many industries. This session familiarizes participants with effective strategies of technology-intensive businesses characterized as multi-sided platforms (MSPs, or “matchmakers”). MSPs generate enormous value by reducing search costs and/or transaction costs, and thus facilitate interactions between groups of users. Participants will learn about MSPs’ business models, their unique strategic challenges, and the strategies employed to overcome these challenges.