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ESMT Annual Forum

2015: Entrepreneurship

Moving beyond the familiar - placed entrepreneurial thinking and action at the center of its program.

ESMT Annual Forum 2014

2014: Corporation 2050

Building to last, leading to adapt - delved into the major themes of future business and leadership.

ESMT Annual Forum 2013 - "The Future of Jobs"

2013: The Future of Jobs

Addressed the various issues of employment, career development etc.

ESMT Annual Forum 2012

2012: Leading Across Generations

The forum was organized by ESMT and the ILA.

ESMT Annual Forum 2011

2011: The Global Race for Competitive Edge

The ESMT Annual Forum 2011 was held July 6-7, 2011 in Berlin.

ESMT Annual Forum 2010

2010: People, Planet, Profit

ESMT welcomed more than 300 guests to its 3rd Annual Forum.

ESMT Annual Forum 2009

2009: Navigating in Turbulent Times

The 2nd Annual Forum brought together 270 delegates.

ESMT Annual Forum 2008

2008: Corporate Russia on the Rise

Russian corporations and their relationship to the West.

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Former speakers of the ESMT Annual Forum

ESMT Responsible Leadership Award

ESMT Responsible Leadership Award

The award honors extraordinary leadership

ESMT Annual Forum


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